Snake Robot Arduino
(Last Updated On: February 12, 2020)
In this tutorial, We are going to see how to make a Snake robot Using Arduino & Multiple Servos with Bluetooth Control.
Let’s travel through the journey of making a snake robot & How it works?.


Snake robots have structural characteristics such as multi-degrees of freedom, multi-joints and modular structure, which allows them to move using various methods and good adaptability.



Compared to wheeled, legged and Flying mechanisms, the snake robot offers high stability. It can travel through almost all types of terrains.
If we observe here wheeled robots will fail at rocky Terrains, Legged robots will fail at mud terrains, and flying machines cannot go inside of the water but snake robot can survive at all these terrains because of its Multi degrees of freedom and High surface contact.

Applications of Snake robots:


So Snake robot can be used for many applications such as rescue missions, fire-fighting, and maintenance where it may either be too narrow or too dangerous for personnel to operate, Military applications such as spying, a snake bot can climb a tree and stream the surroundings to the nearby camp office.
Biomedical department: A tiny robot can get inside of the human body and release the drug wherever we want.
Now Tesla is also concentrating on the snake-like robot to help in charging of Tesla Electrical Vehicles.


We made a prototype of a snake robotwhich can basically perform various types of snake movements. This Snake robot is developed by using an Arduino Micro-Controller & Multiple servos with a Bluetooth based Android Application.

Circuit Diagram:

Our robot is made up of 9 servo motors which are connected to a central microcontroller (Arduino). Among them, half of the motors move in the vertical direction and remaining in the horizontal direction as shown in the picture.
All these serve motors are driven by the Arduino according to the instruction given from the Android application using Bluetooth.

Major Components used in snake robot:

We used the HC-05 Bluetooth module to command the snake robot.
This Bluetooth module will help the snake robot to send & receive the data from the android application

Bluettoth module

We have used Tower Pro MG995 metal geared servo motors to create motion and then drive the snake bot.
Initially, we tried plastic geared motors, but they failed to create the motion due to insufficient torque.
Servo Motor MG995
Android Applications:
Android Application
Take a look at the snapshot of the android application,
This android application is used to control the motions of the Snake robot.
We have implemented the android application to provide an easy interaction between the Human and Snake robot.
the best part of the application is “You can slide the two bars and stream the surveillance video.

Demonstration Video

You can check the below link to see the same video on Youtube:


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